Largemouth Bass Mounts or Smallmouth Bass Mounts

Largemouth bass mounts are very lifelike. Bass replicas are custom painted to match customer photos.   Smallmouth bass replicas like largemouth bass mounts look and feel realistic with lifelike action bodies and gills cast from real fish.  All largemouth and smallmouth bass mounts have thin, semi-transparent fins.  

Largemouth bass replicas with driftwood or natural habitats are fantastic ways to display bass mounts. Largemouth bass mounts can be shelf style or wall. Bass mount displays can include lily pads or natural reeds.   Smallmouth Bass live in streams that have gravel-rubble bottoms and habitats featuring rocks look great for bass mounts. Smallmouth bass and largemouth bass feed on a variety of fishes and invertebrates, such as bluegill, shad, shiners, suckers, and crayfish. Largemouth bass habitats can include baitfish like bluegill. Smallmouth bass habitats can include crayfish. Bass mounts with customer lures can be made by setting up custom branches designed to hold fishing line pulled from the customer's lure hooked in the fish mouth. Customers keep their own lures and set up the snagged line when they recieve the largemouth mount or smallmouth replica. 

bass replicas showing different sizes
Largemouth Bass Custom Painted
Each largemouth bass is custom customer photo. Every lateral line is unique, Fin colors and belly tones are accurate.
Smallmouth Bass Mounts
Smallmouth bass replicas can be set in natural habitats with crayfish. Always cast from real fish, modern bass mounts are accurate in all details.
bass mounts
Largemouth Bass Tones Match Photos
Always custom painted, largemouth bass have different color tones. Customer photos are enlarged and every detail, including fins are painted to match.
bass replica eyes
Bass Replica Eyes Look Real
Largemouth bass eyes, fins, and gills look real. At American Fish Taxidermy we only use modern casts that accurately replicate lifelike bass mounts.
bass lily pad
Lily Pad Bass Mounts
Bass replicas look great with real habitats. Options can include lily pads, rocks, stumps, numerous baitfish and even frogs.