Driftwood Habitats

Your fish will have a 5-point hanger on the back.   This hanger will easily balance on a single screw either on your wall or on a piece of driftwood.   We have driftwood and fancier versions called habitats available for purchase.    Habitats can be designed for the wall or to sit on a shelf.   You can also add baitfish, rocks, or even lily pads as options. 


What is the difference between driftwood and habitat
Driftwood is a single piece of driftwood. Habitat starts as driftwood and then adds natural reeds or additional pieces of driftwood to form a habitat.
Can we sit the fish on a shelf?
Yes, driftwood can be selected for either the wall or a shelf.
Can I see examples of pre-built habitats?
Each habitat is custom built for the fish at hand.