Lifetime Fish Replicas

Highest quality fish taxidermy replicas or fiberglass fish reproductions for catch and release trout taxidermy or bass in 60 days.

Arctic Grayling
Award Winning Taxidermy
Award winning taxidermists produce the highest quality fish reproductions only by using quality fiberglass reproductions from the industries best studios. Shown here is an Arctic Grayling reproduction blank. Note the transparent fins, fin placement, scale detail and an actual mouth interior cast from the real fish. Click image to see detail.
Replica Lake
Lifelike in Every Detail
Our clarity of scale detail and body conformation is so good that sports writers and anglers at sport shows can't determine if our replicas are real. Shown here is a 42 inch Lake Trout in an aggressive swimming or "s" position. From this angle it looks flat, but from above you would see the "s" position. Click image to see detail.
Replica Bass
Custom Painted to Match Your Photo
We start with your length, girth and weight details. Then we eyeball the photo to make sure the replca choosen matches up in porportion to your actual fish. Shown here are 3 bass all within a couple inches. They are three very different fish. Our experience assures you get a fish that matches the fish you caught - GUARANTEED or we will take it back and try again. Click image to see detail.
Peacock Bass
Guaranteed Satisfaction
Always GUARANTEED to meet your 100% SATISFACTION, or we will promptly return all your money including shipping. We do our best to recreate your fish using the highest quality materials and methods available in the industry. Whether your fish is a Largemouth or a Peacock bass, we will always do our best and enjoy every minute we work on it. Click image to see detail.
Fish replica rubber mold
Custom Molding
Custom molding for museum exhibits, movies and nature center projects are our specialty. We work with the best replica craftsman in the industry and have extensive knowledge of the available quality "blanks" already cast. When needed we custom cast replicas for special projects. Click image to see detail.
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Transparent Fins
Transparent fins are signs of a taxidermist who uses only the best reproduction techniques. These thin, lifelike fins give a transparent look when painted. Note the fins of the real fish shown above. Click image to see detail.
Swimming or "s" turn examples
Swimming style or "s" curve position replicas are modern, lifelike replica casts. These fish mounts can be positioned up, down, or straight and are the best choice for most fish.

Customer Responses

The following are unsolicited candid emails sent after their fish replica arrived. Each email has been copied and pasted directly, as the customer wrote it.

"The fish arrived yesterday in perfect condition. Thanks for the superior service. The model looks very realistic.

Thanks again."

Brian McAllister

"Got the BASS, and it looks GREAT!

Thanks again!"

Jon N