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American Fish Taxidermy
Custom painted from your photos replica fiberglass fish reproductions for catch and release fishing all delivered in 60 days.

"...a quality fish taxidermy studio that meets delivery promises." Fred McClintock-- Professional Fishing Guide, Outdoor Writer & Inductee Fishing Hall of Fame
Photos allow us to custom paint your fish reproduction. More importantly, we can determine first hand what color phase the fish was in. This Coho was caught in July on Lake Michigan. It was in the summer phase but notice the slight hint of blush starting on the side. With a photo, we can accurately recreate these details.

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Great photographs highlight the fish over the fisherman. This picture is a good example of how holding a fish out towards the camera will allow the picture to capture the moment.
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Always keep the sun over your shoulder when you take fish pictures. Even if you have to position the boat. A picture with the sun shinning on the fish will highlight great detail. Again notice that the fish is the subject not the fisherman.
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Smallmouth bass like salmon and trout have different color phases. They can very from green to bronze. Pictures are only part of the story. Fish colors appear different with different backgrounds. Notice how the green water helps this smallmouth look greener.


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